Only on 6: Councilwoman plans apology to EMTs

Albany Common Council member Judy Doesschate says she plans to apologize to the EMTs whose pictures she posted along with a complaint that their ambulance was double-parked.

ALBANY, NY (WRGB) The Albany Common Council member who is facing scrutiny over a Facebook post- says she is planning to apologize to two EMTs.

She posted a picture of them inside a Stewart’s - as well as a pic of their ambulance outside doubleparked.

The post went viral, with thousands of comments- attacking her.

Tonight cbs 6’s Heather Kovar spoke with common council woman Judy Doesschate at her home.

Doesschate says she plans an apology, face to face, to the two men whose picture she posted.

She says she realizes now it was excessive.

But she says she still wants to work to address the concerns of her constituents in this area that complain to her about traffic safety.

Thousands of people called Doesschate out for her post.

It read “So what does anyone else think about Mohawk Ambulance deciding to double park in front of Stewart's on New Scotland Avenue to make a purchase???

She posted pictures of the ambulance in front of the Stewart’s- as well as the individuals' pictures.

And that’s why she says she is sorry.

"I am working with them to actually get together with the two individuals who I posted their pictures to apologize to them for posting their pictures in particular."

She says her post was supposed to be about safety.

That the night she made the post - she was coming back from a community meeting where people were complaining about traffic and illegal parking.

"I’m hoping people can understand complaints from my people in this area."

According to the mayor's office, double parking is prohibited in the City Code.

In a statement from Mohawk Ambulance Service, president James P. McPartlon said in part,

“Our employees are instructed to have their emergency service vehicles readily accessible at all times, in the event that they are dispatched to a call that requires their immediate departure.”

The crew had just come off of an extensive cardiac arrest call, and only had a few minutes to get a drink.

"I recognize after reviewing things and listening to people that that was excessive."

Doesschate says she has worked with a nearby elementary school to help ease double parking and traffic safety concerns there.

She says she hopes to continue to work to serve her constituents- and that she will stay off Facebook

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