Health teacher on administrative leave after “inappropriate” lesson

Only on 6: Teacher on administrative leave after “inappropriate” lesson

CAMBRIDGE, NY (WRGB) A teacher has been placed on administrative leave because of a lesson on gender identity that has hundreds of parents outraged.

Kids at Cambridge Central School received a packet of information about sex change operations that included sexual definitions.

One dad was so concerned his child came home with this, he decided to go live on Facebook to alert other parents.

Sirell Fiel says his 11-year-old son brought the packet home from Cambridge Central School Tuesday night, labeled gender identity. What he inside saw made him angry.

“It should not be allowed or tolerated period,” Fiel said.

Fiel's son said the material was handed out by a guest speaker and included graphic details about sex reassignment operations and sexual definitions.

“It’s not your right to take the innocence of my kid like that at that such a age,” Fiel said.

Fiel says his son was never handed a permission slip and was told by his teacher that he'd be tested on the material. Fiel was so upset, he took to Facebook to inform other parents.

“You’re going to tell me this is something our kids need to know in 7th grade to pass 7th grade health class,” Fiel said in the Facebook post.

“This is stuff our kids in 7th grade don’t need to be learning in school,” Fiel said.

In less than 24 hours the Facebook video already had more than 23,000 views.

“A lot of parents weren’t aware this was going through the school,” Fiel said.

Fiel also alerted the school district, which has taken action.

“We’re investigating the situation and while its under review the teacher is on administrative leave,” Fiel said.

Superintendent Vince Canini says the teacher had asked for permission to have a guest speaker, but not for the material.

“There’s a district policy that certain materials should not be distributed,” Canini said.

He has this message for parents.

“This is not what we would normally do, and you can be rest assured it will not happen again,” Canini said.

Canini says the packet included material the district considers “inappropriate”.

The packet of information that was handed is labeled as coming from the Pride Center of the Capital Region. We contacted Pride for comment about the story but have not heard back.

We also checked in with the NYS Department of Education. NYSED says decisions about Sex Education curriculum are determined by local school boards.

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