Opera Saratoga presents Opera-to-Go


You can catch free performances of Opera Saratoga's new production of The Ugly Duckling. The production will also visit local schools.

Lawrence Edelson, Artistic and General Director of Opera Saratoga Larry Edelson joined Heather Kovar Saturday morning to talk about Opera-to-Go.

Saturday March 3rd you can catch an 11:00 AM free show at Saratoga Arts Center. There is also a free show at 2:30 PM at Schenectady Civic Players at 12 South Church Street in Schenectady.

According to Opera Saratoga's website, the Opera-to-Go productions allow students to experience the thrill of opera up close and personal - through a story that encourages young people to accept differences in other people. The Ugly Duckling doesn’t fit in with the other ducklings because she looks and sounds different than they do. But when the Ugly Duckling saves the other ducklings from the Big Bad Wolf after learning about his tricks, the others learn to love the Ugly Duckling for her intelligence and bravery, and begin to truly appreciate her for who she is.

Here is the list of performances.

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