Operation Falling Stars leads to several arrests, uncovered drug network in Hudson


HUDSON, NY (WRGB) Police in Hudson say 4 people were arrested after a year long investigation into violence and drug trafficking in the city.

Police say 2016 was a summer of violence with "back and forth gun battles" that left one dead. 6 were injured, two of them children.

Police say Archie Evans, 41, Steven Richardson, 35, William Morrison, 31, and Julan Morrison, 36 were all arrested on federal charges of drug trafficking.

Investigators say the "Operation Falling Stars" revealed what they call a drug distribution network, saying that over a kilo of cocaine was distributed weekly in the area.

All 4 are in the Rensselaer County Jail awaiting arraignment.

Police say a 5th suspect is wanted as a fugitive from justice and is considered armed and dangerous. Her name is 32 year old Bryce Hallback from Hudson.

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