Opioid intervention court opens in Troy

OPIOID (2).jpg

TROY, N.Y. (WRGB) – There’s a new local effort in the fight against the opioid crisis. Troy City Court is now one of 14 opioid intervention courts in the state, making a harder attempt to treat defendants who are addicts.

It's designed to provide immediate assistance to a non-violent defendant who would show up at city court on a drug charge.

It's all a process. After an arrest, the defendant is screened by Troy Police who identify if they need extra help. That person is then interviewed by a resource coordinator for the Troy Regional Treatment Court, and if they're eligible, the person is referred to a 90 day detox program.

To stay in opioid court, the person must do the detox and come to court five days a week. But the person's case is still continued in opioid court, once they're deemed stable.

"The Opioid Court is about getting non-violent defendants with opioid issues into treatment as soon as possible in order prevent overdose deaths," said Bonnie Hazard, Resource coordinator for Troy Regional Treatment Court

It’s a big partnership between the court, the hospital, and Troy Police. Those involved say it also takes a community effort to address this opioid crisis so many are facing.

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