Pittsfield Fire Dept. names engine after retired deputy chief

Pittsfield Fire Dept. names engine after retired deputy chief

PITTSFIELD, MA (WRGB) – The Pittsfield Fire Department has given their Engine truck a new name – Poly’s Pride. The department unveiled the new shiny design, with a special ceremony Monday.

It’s named after former Deputy fire Chief Michael Polidoro. He retired two years ago because of a battle with ALS.

The fire chief, Robert Czerwinski, says the department wanted to find a fitting way to honor Polidoro. This engine was one of the last major projects he spearheaded.

“The officers came to us and said let’s name this truck in Mike’s honor for the work that he did towards the design, the implementation, evaluation, final approval, construction - he was into this truck 100% from inception to final delivery and training,” Chief Czerwinski said. “Michael Polidoro has been an inspiration to this fire department for the 28 years that he spent here.”

Polidoro says his brother firefighters have been a huge support, but this honor and generosity is above and beyond.

“They're amazing folks. To have this job and to be in this profession, you have to be pretty special, but they just keep overdoing it in my opinion, so I love them, all of them,” Polidoro said.

The Chief says Polidoro is still involved with the department, and helps out with ceremonies or events when he can.

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