Plow driver saves Waterford residents from house fire

    NYSDOT plow driver drove by and saw flames at a home in Waterford, then called 911. (Photo Credit: Sidewinder Photography)

    WATERFORD (WRGB) - Several fire departments battled on a house fire on 3rd Street in Waterford.

    The call came in shortly after 2:00 a.m. A NYSDOT plow driver drove by and saw flames, then called 911.

    "I was worried that people were asleep, and I was worried that if 911 responders didn't get there in time, then something bad could happen," Aaron Gagliardi said.

    It's a two family home. Gagliardi ran to the side and knocked on the window to wake up the woman on the first floor, then ran around the back to knock on the door for the upstairs apartment where a man and young child were sleeping.

    Everyone got out safely.

    The Waterford fire chief says the fire was stubborn to get under control. They had issues with freezing hydrants. They had it under control within an hour.

    Crews are still on scene monitoring hot spots.

    The house is a total loss and will likely need to be demolished.

    The cause is under investigation.

    Gagliardi said he didn't get to speak with the families, but he's glad they're safe. "I hope they know I was just trying to be a good person and I hope they're ok. I know it's a bad situation that their house was on fire and they lost their home, but at least everybody's safe."

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