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Plug Power's green goals help company thrive

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Green energy continues to grow here in the Capital Region.

Its taken less than a year for Plug Power's newest $55 million facility in Slingerlands to be built and start production.

From the groundbreaking in March of 2022, to the Ribbon Cutting in January of this year,

Plug Power a clean energy company is dominating the Capital Region.

"This state is committed to going green" said Plug Power CEO/President Andy Marsh "and being a leader to reach net zero by 2050."

This made possible with the help from State investments in 2017, tax credits and growing green energy legislation.

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The newest facility in Slingerlands is just one of 3 main facilities, and several satellite locations.

This site focuses on promoting clean energy by creating hydrogen fuel cells to replace conventional batteries.

"The work that were doing with the CLCPA" said New York State Lt. Governor (D) Antonio Delgado "we are leading the Country, if you look at every state, if you look at what weve committed to in terms of transitioning away from fossil fuels and getting to a place where we have renewable energy sources and clean energy technologies, we are out front, across the board.

New York Lieutenant Governor Antonio Delgado toured the facility today.

It's estimated to help create 1600 new jobs for the area.

"The more we can diversify energy sources" said Lt. Governor Delgado "the more that we can give consumers more choice the better everybody is, and were able to attack climate change and create jobs at the same time."

Plug Power's CEO and President Andy Marsh says one of the reasons why the company favors the region is the presence of schools that provide engineering education

Plug Power recently announced a partnership with Johnson Matthey a specialty chemicals and sustainable technologies company.

This partnership could lead to bigger investments in the state in the next few years.

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"We've made an announcement of Johnson Matthey" said Marsh "to build a plant actually about this size to make MEA's which is a critical component a joint factory much like Tesla in Reno and New York is one of the key critical places were looking to jointly to build that factory."

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