Police digging in a field in connection to missing person cold case

Police digging in a field in connection to missing person cold case

Tuesday Saratoga Springs Police and State Police executed a search warrant for a property on Route 30 in the town of Northampton in Fulton County in a 31-year-old cold case.

Investigators say new leads prompted them to reopen the case of Tammie McCormick. She was 13-years-old in 1986 when she was last seen. Her family reported her missing when she didn't return home from her Saratoga Springs junior high school.

Crews used an excavator to dig behind a home. Digging is expected to resume Wednesday morning.

Saratoga police Lt Bob Jillson says "we want to find the truth."

It was back in 1986 when the department started a missing persons case for then 13-year-old Tammy Mccormick.

She was last seen at her Geyser Crest home, the southwest section of Saratoga springs.

She didn't return home from school that day in April.

Lt Jillson says along with State Police, they reopened the case in 2011, exploring leads and traveling.

"We weren't successful back then," Lt Jillson said.

He says within the last couple of months, new information lead to the search warrant and the excavation behind thehome on route 30 in Northampton.

"Do we know for sure she is there, I don't know that for sure," said Lt. Jillson.

He says the renters living in the home where they're excavating, didn't live here back in 1986.

"People come up to us with different stories or allegations and we have to vet that information to see if there is any legitimacy, because if we are going to ask a judge to sign a search warrant for someone's property, we have to make sure we are on the up and up," said Lt. Jillson.

He says he believes they could be here a few days, and that they are still interviewing people along the way.

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