Police investigating bullet holes found in window of Albany Democratic HQ

Lynzi DeLuccia/WRGB

ALBANY, NY (WRGB) Gunshots aimed at a local political headquarters. Albany Police say they're investigating an overnight incident that left nine bullet holes in the front window of the Albany County Democratic Party office on Colvin Ave.

"It was very shocking, to me."

Albany County Democratic Party Chairman Jack Flynn says the first thing he asked when he got a call that someone shot at his office was if everyone was alright.

"One of the volunteers came in and noticed calls here and didn't know what it was, this whole floor was actually full of debris," Flynn showed us.

Volunteers and police believe the incident happened after everyone went home for the day but Flynn says the intent was clear.

"I believe somebody was definitely targeting the Democratic Party, based on where the shots were, it was clear that they were trying to send a message to the Albany County Democratic Party."

Albany Police Officer Steve Smith says fragments were found inside the office, but it's too early to say what kind of gun was used.

"Right now it's still very early in the investigation, we're still going to canvas this area and look for any evidence outside and look for a potential video evidence that may help us in this investigation," Smith said.

Flynn, whose office is right on the other side of the shot-up window, says it's frightening, too, because he's often there volunteering and holding meetings later at night. But he says it won't scare him from doing his job.

"I don't know if it's a Democrat, a Republican, I don't know would who did this, but my goal is the build the party in unity in Albany County," he said.

There are some cameras in this area that police will be looking at in hopes of catching whoever did this. There are no cameras on the headquarters' building, but Flynn says he's speaking to the building owner about changing that.

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