UPDATE: North Greenbush police say 12 year-old girl lied to police about attempted abducti


North Greenbush police say that a 12 year-old girl fabricated a story to police about a man pulling up next to her on Southall Street in a grey car and asking her to get in.

He says that girl recanted her story with detectives once they found inconsistencies in her interviews.

Chief David Keevern says they added extra patrols in the neighborhood during the investigation.

Investigators eventually found that car and determined it was in the neighborhood for a legitimate purpose. They found out that the driver didn't even talk to the girl.

Police say the girl is remorseful for what she did. Keevern says he’s just happy that no one was hurt during all this.

Right now police are looking into why she made all of this up.

"Between the detective the Lieutenant and the other patrols in that area, It is a lot of resources that were dedicated to this investigation. And I don’t want to look back at that and look at it as a mistake. I think we need to handle these things as seriously as possible every time on the off chance that it is the real thing,” Keevern said.

Keevern said it’s unlikely they will press charges. They’re hoping the girl can use this as a learning experience.

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