Police: Level 2 sex offender arrested on sex charge


GLOVERSVILLE, NY (WRGB) A registered sex offender is behind bars tonight in Fulton County, after police say he engaged in sexual misconduct with a young boy.

Police say the complaint came to them after Robert Velett - a registered level 2 sex offender - was babysitting the minor.

Police do say Velett is well known to the family. but they believe the family had no idea about his criminal background - and that he didn't divulge any of it to them.

"He's a predator, an animal."

Gloversville Police Captain Michael Scott says he wishes they could have arrested Velett, 44, sooner. Police got the complaint back in June that Velett subjected a young boy he was babysitting to inappropriate sexual conduct.

"Throughout the course of the investigation we collected evidence that was sent out to the NY state police lab, and the results of that have just returned," Scott said.

Those results allowed police to arrest Valett on Friday - almost six months later.

"We know state wide that they're overwhelmed on that with all different cases ..."

Scott says state police have a lot to keep up with. We asked if they were concerned velett could victimize others during that time.

"At that point he was on our radar," Scott said.

But it raises another concern - who's watching your kids?

"We encourage a registered licensed daycare but we know there are some incidents that's not available, but you really need to do your homework, you really need to know who is watching your kid."

Police say the same crime with a minor of the same age landed velett on the sex offender registry almost 20 years ago.

"These are the worst of the worst right here," Scott said. "It's a heinous crime, an unforgivable crime."

He hopes this arrest makes a difference.

"We're hoping this takes him off the streets for quite some time."

Velett was arraigned Friday morning on first degree criminal sex act, and held on $50,000 cash, $100,000 bail bond.

Police are asking any other victims who may have been impacted by this man to call them immediately.

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