Married couple fights off NY store robbers with baseball bat, stick

Married couple fights off NY store robbers with baseball bat, stick. (Courtesy Markanda Market)

ROTTERDAM, N.Y. (WRGB) - A married couple gave a couple of crooks a big surprise Monday night in Rotterdam.

The masked robbers are seen on surveillance video storming into the Markanda Market armed with knives, but their crime was stopped short when the husband and wife behind the counter decided to fight back.

In the chaos of the moment, convenience store clerk Gurchran Singh and his wife Parvinder Chahal were able to think fast.

"They jumped in and said, 'Give me the money!' My wife said, 'Take it, take the money!'" Singh said.

You see Singh grab a metal baseball bat behind the counter to fight off the men who just tried to take the cash. His wife follows suit, pushing the emergency button and picking up a stick, to go after the other robber.

“I tried, I tried,” Chahal said.

Just moments before the attack on their Hamburg Street store, the couple had been sitting behind the counter, talking.

In the corner window, the surveillance video shows the men putting on their masks, getting ready to make their move.

The encounter lasts only seconds. One of the men manages to grab a pack of cigarettes before the married couple chases them all the way out of the store.

“I hit him, I know that,” Singh said.

But it didn't end there, Singh says. Once outside, he and his neighbor hopped in a truck and followed the men until police arrived. It helped investigators focus on the right locations.

Police arrested 21-year-old Ryan Kelly Jr. and 20-year-old Brandon Ehlers.

Investigators say one of them was found a few blocks from the store; the other was hiding in a wooded area.

“They did a really good job, yes, I’m proud of them,” Chahal said.

The couple says they haven't had an incident like this in 14 years in business. They're hoping the suspects learned their lesson.

“If you let them go, they do it again, they can hurt someone else,” Singh said.

Both suspects face a list of charges, including first-degree robbery. They're in the Schenectady County Jail in lieu of bond.

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