Police: Man accused of leading police on pursuit facing charges


GLENVILLE, NY (WRGB) Glenville Police said Monday that John Sanchez, 22, from Schenectady faces a number of charges and traffic violations, including reckless endangerment, after a high speed chase and crash on Sunday evening. The crash happened on I-890 near Highbridge Road. Police said that three young children and a woman were also in the car at the time. The youngest child is almost eight months old. The oldest is six years old. At times, police said Sanchez was driving 130 miles per hour. No one was hurt.

Police said the pursuit started in Montgomery County. The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office said that it originally tried to pull Sanchez over for reckless driving after a motorcycle had to swerve off the road to avoid him. As the Deputy was approaching the stopped car, the Sheriff’s Office said that Sanchez fled. The Department said it ended its pursuit when speeds increased.

Chief Janik said that the Glenville Police Department was then alerted that the car was headed their way. He said that a Glenville officer saw the vehicle and tried to pull Sanchez over.

“I talked to the officer involved in the chase and he said that if he had any inclination there were young children in that vehicle, especially an infant in a car seat, he would have terminated the pursuit immediately,” said Chief Janik.

The Chief said that the department has strict policies about pursuits. A number of factors are considered including speed, traffic conditions and weather. He said it looks like all policies were followed.

“The last thing we want to see is anyone hurt, especially some innocent children that were in the vehicle or innocent drivers on the roadway not expecting a car to be traveling at 100 plus miles per hour on I-890, so we take all those things into consideration,” said Chief Janik.

The Sheriff’s Department said Sanchez was served tickets for reckless driving and aggravated unlicensed driving in that county as well.

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