Preparing for cold weather on West Mountain


The lodge at West Mountain in Queensbury isn't filled with skiers or snowboarders today. Instead, it's a job fair that goes until 8pm for those interested working here through the ski season.

On Wednesday, we had a chance to get a birds eye view of West Mountain with our very own Freihofer's Sky Eye 6.

The trails are bare for now, but after speaking with part owner Spencer Montgomery, he says he hopes to take advantage of the cold temperatures expected over the next week or so to start making their "own" snow.

In fact, officials say their snow-making capabilities have taken a pretty significant jump over the off-season so they'll be able to cover much more of the mountain if Mother Nature doesn't provide the snow herself.

Says Montgomery, "We're going to increase snow-making capacity again about 50 percent. We're tying in a new water main from the town of Queensbury - a new 8 inch main to add water. We've increased pumping capacity and we're getting 20 more snow guns this year."

West Mountain says the goal is to be open for business in the beginning of December - weather permitting, of course.

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