Presidential candidates leave $80k in bills unpaid

ALBANY, NY (WRGB)--The Center for Public Integrity says at least 3-dozen municipal governments have outstanding bills from the presidential primary.

The Albany Police Department does as well, in a sum that totals almost 80-thousand dollars. CBS 6 acquired the invoices from Albany City Hall.

The largest amount owed is by the campaign of President-elect Donald Trump, in the amount of $56,405.00.

His campaign responded, saying an outside independent accounting department handles the bills, and the inquiry will be passed along.

The campaigns of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders also have outstanding bills from the Albany PD.

Ohio Governor John Kasich is the only campaign that's marked paid by the Albany PD.

This past April's presidential primary campaign visits and rallies is what amounted to thousands in still unpaid bills to the Albany Police Department.

Albany City Treasurer Darius Shahinfar says the busy April was a rare instance since we hadn't had a primary campaign in New York State for decades.

"Follow up bills were sent to the campaigns as well. They still have not responded to my knowledge," said Shahifar.

President elect Trump's rally at the Times Union Center April 11th totaled $56,405.00 in APD bills.

Senator Bernie Sanders visit to the Albany Armory the same day amounted to $8,400.00 for the department, and Clinton's invoice for April 4th adds up to $14,590.00.

Governor John Kasich's bill for April 11 for 900 - dollars has been marked as PAID.

"Campaigns oftertimes put up fights over bills like this, but we will be fighting back hard because this is money this is an extra cost to the city," said Kasich.

Shahinfar says once they attempt collections, and they still go unpaid, they turn bills over to city lawyers, and they attempt collection.

He says those who don't pay bills, can get locked out of city services

As for why Trump accrued a more than 56-thousand dollar bill for 742 hours for supervisors, officers, detectives and other personnel, Shahinfar says we had to have a heavy police presence, and that there was also a lot of set up involved that included barricades.

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