Proposal to transport, burn over 100,000 tons of trash from CT to NY shot down


Albany County residents say they caught wind that Mustang Renewable energy was looking to transport more than 110,000 tons of trash from an incinerator plant in Hartford Connecticut, to Lafarge Holcim, a cement plant in Ravena, New York. Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Conservation officials say the plant in Hartford was shutting down, and that solid waste needed somewhere to go.

The state came up with three solutions for what to do. The proposal to move it to New York was only one of them. Mustang Renewable Energy came up with that proposal. But we're told those negotiations ended this morning, right around the time of a press conference, where environmental activists were condemning the proposal. They argued that it would pollute the air. Albany county officials say they want Lafarge Holcim to commit to them that they won't burn any out-of-state trash.

"They haven't said it in writing. We want it in writing. We want them to say they're not committed to burning garbage in Connecticut and we want it in writing,” said Albany County Legislator Doug Bullock.

Connecticut officials say that the other two options are still on the table, but right now there's no indication that they'll involve coming to the empire state. They're expecting a final decision by the end of the week.

CBS6 reached out to Mustang and Lafarge Holcim, but did not hear back.

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