Protest against art sale held in Pittsfield

Protest against art sale held in Pittsfield (WRGB)

PITTSFIELD, MA (WRGB)---In Pittsfield, people gathered outside the Berkshire Museum Saturday protesting a plan to sell 40 pieces of art.

The museum says the plan is aimed at raising money to update and expand the facility to include science, history and art.

Those demonstrating say they don't feel selling the art is a viable way to raise funds for this project.

"I think the first mission of a museum is preservation and to disperse the collection and effectively gut the building is misguided," said Carl Sprague.

The museum's Board of Trustrees president says this plan is in the best interest of the museum and the community.

"We respect their position and we hear their voices, but we have spent two years with this process and it's been thorough and we are committed to moving the museum forward so that we can continue to serve our community," said Elizabeth McGraw.

The museum has listed the works that will be sold on its website, including two Norman Rockwell paintings.

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