Push underway to help kids living with parents affected by drugs


SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (WRGB) - A Schenectady woman accused of concealing and dumping her infant son's body in her backyard was back in court on Monday, only to have her appearance adjourned.

Heaven Puleski, 38, is charged with a misdemeanor and two felonies including concealing a dead body believed to be that of her child.

Puleski's hearing will be moved up to county court at some point because of the two felony charges she face.

Meanwhile, there's a push to protect other children from the same situation the prosecution believes baby Rayen Puleski was in.

"We want as many signatures as possible to pass a law that no parent shall ever have custody of their child or children if they're using drugs," Heaven Puleski's aunt Lisa Dutcher said.

The petition is nearing its signature goal. Dutcher wants family members who sense a drug issue in their loved one to be able to take their child out of their possession.

"The main focus is parents who are smoking crack, using heroin and other powerful substances, opioids. That's a big issue these days," Dutcher said.

Dutcher says she still has questions for Child Protective Services: "Why didn't they get a hold of me or my daughter soon? Why did they wait so long?"

CBS6 reached out to CPS multiple times. The organization can't even confirm a case with Puleski, whose family members say has had two older children taken out of her custody before.

A family attorney told CBS6 if there was no ongoing order of supervision after Heaven Puleski's second child was taken from her custody, CPS would have no way of knowing about any after-born children and therefore no basis to take preventative measures.

Again, CBS6 did not receive any specific answers from CPS about Puleski.

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