Quick takedown for butane tank fire in Rensselaer

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RENSSELAER -- There was a heavy police and fire presence in Rensselaer Thursday afternoon after officials said there was a fire outside a butane tank. The Rensselaer Assistant Fire Chief said that this happened at Apex Oil Company on Riverside Avenue.

Assistant Fire Chief Jay Corcoran said precautions are always taken in a situation like this to keep firefighters and people nearby safe. That is why he said other fire departments came to help and other equipment like water tankers were brought in.

Assistant Chief Corcoran said the immediate area was evacuated, trains nearby were stopped and traffic was shut down, all as a precaution. He said the fire had the potential to spread but was put out in about 45 minutes.

The Assistant Chief said that there was a pump and motor outside the tank. Fire crews believe that is where the fire started.

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