Records show prison time for both Troy murder suspects


"Mr. Mann is on parole and they both have criminal records,” said Troy Police Chief John Tedesco.

Few details from Troy police on Saturday about the criminal pasts of these two men – 38-year-old James White and 24-year-old Justin Mann, arrested for the savage murders, as police describe them, of Shanta Myers, Brandi Mells, and Myers' two children, JJ and Shanise.

But public records show recent prison time for both.

Records show Mann was released on parole just six months ago, after serving five years in state prison for a robbery in Queens.

And records show James White served just over a decade.

CBS6 learned today from the Bronx County District Attorney's Office that White originally faced 2nd degree murder for a 1999 crime when officials say he and two others broke into an apartment where he was an accomplice to a fatal stabbing. He pleaded guilty to manslaughter served until 2010.

Just a few years later, he found himself at the Schenectady City Mission.

“We're just broken by this, we're devastated by this..."

Executive Director Michael Saccocio says the news out of Troy came as a tragic shock to staff at the mission - especially when arrests were made.

“It was made worse by the fact that it was somebody that I knew, somebody that at one point had been here."

James White, Saccocio says, lived at the mission's shelter for a few months last winter.

“He was pretty much respectful of staff but kind of always arguing, getting into arguments with other residents."


White was asked to leave the city mission - but last week's news was still a shock.

“He never gave us reason to believe that he represented that kind of threat."

Saccocio says the mission is sending condolences to the victims' family - and dealing with the reality of who may be responsible.

"I don't think we're going to be the same for a long time."

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