Renss. County deputy fired after arrest

renss co deputy.jpg

New York State police say a glitch in their server system released the arrest report of recently-sworn-in-deputy Cory Wagner, 27, online. It's now gone from the online blotter because, police say, it involved a juvenile arrest. But it prompted officials at the Rensselaer County sheriff's department to release a statement regarding Wagner, who was just beginning there.

The sheriff's department says Wagner was sworn in on October 23 as a deputy sheriff, having come from the Cambridge-Greenwich police department. We spoke with Cambridge Greenwich Police Chief George Bell who did confirm to us Wagner worked for him and was still with the department part time - and he told us Wagner is being treated in this case as a juvenile because the crime he's facing took place when he was a minor. He says the case is going to family court.

The statement the Sheriff's Office put out today says it's terminated Wagner's employment following an arrest by New York State police in Brunswick. We were told that because of the juvenile involvement, the arrest never should have made that state police public server system online - but they would not give us any more information specifically.

We also spoke with the Rensselaer County District Attorney's office, who told us they have no record as of yet of any arrest involving Cory Wagner.

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