Rensselaer makes bid for new Amazon HQ

Rensselaer makes bid for new Amazon HQ (WRGB)

RENSSELAER, NY (WRGB)--Location and accessibility is what could drive Amazon's second headquarters to the Capital Region, according to Rensselaer Mayor Daniel Dwyer.

"We've got the site - that's directly across the way from the Capital of the State of New York. And it's a perfect site right on the river," he said.

Mayor Dwyer says the site is also accessible to four lane highways and right next to the Amtrak train station.

The push to bring Amazon here is a regional approach - with a combined bid from Rensselaer and the City of Albany.

However, more than 30 cities are expected to submit proposals.

Mayor Dwyer says Rochester and Buffalo have also submitted a joint bid to become the second headquarters of Amazon, but he says the Capital Region may have some pull.

"The state is doing the biding for us on our part and they've called in some experts to make it doable," he said.

But some say Amazon is creating an unfair bidding war for tax breaks. another downside- an expert who studies urban economics at the Brookings Institution, warns Amazon's second city could suffer some of the same issues now plaguing its first, Seattle.

"The are real tradeoffs in being the winner. Seattle now experiences high inequality, not enough affordable housing, to house workers," said Amy Liu.

The headquarters might not land in the U.S. at all.

Some Canadian cities, including Ottawa and Toronto, are also submitting bids.

Bids are due Thursday and the decision is expected next year.

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