Report: NY'ers paying thousands due to deteriorating roads, bridges


ALBANY - A new report suggests Albany area drivers are paying thousands of extra dollars out of pocket every yearall thanks to rough roads and deteriorating bridges.

A report out from Washington research group 'TRIP' claims congestion, lost time, and auto repair is costing capital region drivers $1,999 a year--adding up to nearly $25 billion statewide.

"Those costs are already startlingly high, and they're projected to go higher in the future, unless the state can fund it's transportation at a level that would allow for the needed improvements that would keep the state's roads safe, smooth, and efficient," said Carolyn Bonifas Kelly, the group's Associate Director of Research and Communications.

Work is being done.

Governor Andrew Cuomo recently announced his $22.1 billion plan--using state and federal moneyto tackle the problem over the next five years.

Local highway superintendents are optimistic - but they don't believe it's enough to fix everything.

"We see what goes on underneath the roads, and in the roads, you only see what goes on on top," explained Bernie Meyer with the New York State Association of Town Superintendents of Highways.

To see the report , click here:

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