Residents concerned about home in Troy animal hoarding case


TROY, N.Y. (WRGB) - A house involved in a massive animal hoarding case still looks like a mess, and neighbors want it cleaned up.

More than 100 animals were found neglected at the Troy home in December.

Questions flooding Facebook threads asking about 92 Campbell Ave.:

Who should clean it up? What about the neighbors? It's not the city of Troy's responsibility, is it?

Many calling it an eyesore.

CBS6 brought these questions to the city, and we were told, essentially, the home is still in this condition because this is an ongoing investigation.

In a normal case, the homeowner would be fined - as the homeowner, not the city, is responsible.

But in this case, the city is aware and is working closely with community police who are still investigating the whole incident.

We spoke over the phone with city officials who told us this, but our request for an on camera interview was turned down because of the investigation into what resulted in the seizure of more than 100 different animals.

"Happily, most of them have been adopted and those that have not are in foster care,” Marguerite Pearson with the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society said.

She was happy to report this after the shelter received nearly all the animals saved.

"We didn't know how it was going to go in terms of adoptions,” Pearson said. “We really had to educate these adopters on what to expect from the animal that had been living in a situation like this."

The shelter has been receiving photos of the animals now in loving homes, with messages like these:

"Ollie is the sweetest boy and is coming into his own personality."

"Lucy is LOVING LIFE."

"They've been living in a cage their whole lives, so seeing them come around and become normal happy dogs and cats again has been really rewarding," Pearson said.

Again, this is still being investigated, and we're told criminal charges may be filed down the line in this case.

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