School budget votes 2018: The results are in

Albany City School District:

  • $249.4 Million Budget
  • $3.7 million in new staff and programs
  • 1.33% tax-levy increase

Budget passed, 2,329-909

Proposition 2, Capital Reserve, passed, 2,457-766

Proposition 3, library budget, passed, 2,385-846

There were four candidates for three board seats. Ellen Roach (2,320), Tabitha Wilson (2,298) and Damarise Alexander-Mann (2,136) were all elected, Kenneth Bruce received 1,203 votes.

Greater Amsterdam School District

Voters approved the district’s $72.91 million 2018-19 budget proposal and elected two Board of Education members on May 15. The budget was approved by a margin of 489 yes, 194 no.

Voters elected incumbents Gavin Murdoch (475 votes) and Jackie Marciniak (379 votes) to the Amsterdam Board of Education. Mr. Murdoch and Ms. Marciniak each will server a three-year terms beginning July 1.

A proposition to purchase two school buses was also approved by voters: 492 yes, 187 no. A 60-percent approval rate was required for this purchase.

A proposition that asked voters to collect $220,000 to the Amsterdam Free Library was also approved by 439 votes.

Averill Park CSD

BUDGET - $58,828,115
Tax Levy Increase of 2.73 percent, which meets the district’s legal limit under the state’s tax levy cap legislation.
YES Votes 845
NO Votes 279

BUS - $720,538 to purchase 8 school buses
YES Votes 813
NO Votes 306

Two seats; two running; Both incumbents
Chris Foster votes 925
Jessica Zweig votes 935

Ballston Spa CSD

The Ballston Spa community approved the district’s 2018-2019 budget proposal of $91,888,841 with an unofficial vote of 80% voting yes and 20% voting no.

The Board of Education results so far include Christiane Farnan receiving a total of 869 votes, Michael O’Donnell receiving 774 votes, Jason Fernau receiving 706 votes and Eric Davenport receiving 700 votes. Final results will be determined after affidavit votes are verified. There are three full term (three year) Board seats available this year, commencing in July 2018.

All of the additional propositions on the ballot were passed, including the replacement of school vehicles, support for the public library and the local recreation commission.

Berlin Central School District

Budget passes, 211-69
Bus proposition passes, 221-58
Kaschak elected with 225 votes
Snyder elected with 243 votes


Berne-Knox-Westerlo voters passed the proposed 2018-19 school budget by a margin of 583 to 285 on May 15 with 67% approving. The bus proposition passed by a margin of 620 to 242 with 72% approving. Randy Bashwinger was elected to serve a three-year term on the Board of Education with 444 votes. Lillian Sisson-Chrysler came in second with 400 votes.

Bethlehem CSD

Voters have approved a $98.8 million Bethlehem Central School District budget for school fiscal year 2018-19 by a margin of 1,970 to 452.

In addition, a bus purchase proposition, totaling approximately $1.2 million, passed by a vote of 1,808 to 581

Voters were asked to elect two candidates to serve on the Bethlehem Central Board of Education. Only one candidate appeared on the ballot:

• Christian Myer has received 1,805 votes. The preliminary results show Mr. Myer wins a seat on the Board of Education.

• There are approximately 1,363 write-in votes. Write-in votes, including those on the absentee ballots, will be tabulated on Wednesday, May 16 to determine the write-in winner.

Official election results are expected to be released on Wednesday, May 16, 2018.

Brunswick (Brittonkill) CSD

  • $24.5 million budget
  • 2.82% tax-levy increase

The Brunswick (Brittonkill) Central School District $24,577,667 budget was approved by a vote of 358 (yes) to 127 (no) on May 15. This budget will result in an estimated 2.82% percent tax rate increase for residents.

Residents also elected three members to the Board of Education, Andrew Casale (384 votes), Anthony Grab (374 votes) and Danielle Roadcap (write-in candidate with 153 votes).

Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake Central School District

Proposition #1 : $68 million school budget carries a 1.98% estimated tax rate increase
Yes Votes: 1090
No Votes: 389

New Board of Education Candidates
David Versocki:1182
Lisa M. Morse: 1207

Catskill CSD

2018-2019 School Budget - Passed 312 yes to 229 no

Catskill Public Library Budget - Passed 383 yes to 158 no

Board of Education:

Tracy Darling received 417 votes (elected)
James P. Nearey Jr. received 336 votes (elected)
Jeremy Engelin received 264 votes (elected)
Ryan Osswald received 257 votes

Chatham Central School District

Proposition #1 - 2018-19 School Budget: Passed 600 Yes - 257 No

Proposition #2 - Buildings & Grounds Renovations: Passed 613 Yes - 244 No

Proposition #3 - Security Cameras: Failed 402 Yes - 458 No

Elected to the Board of Education:

Patricia Wilson - 569 (2-year term May 16, 2018 to June 30, 2020)

David O'Connor - 604 (3-year term July 1, 2018 - June 30, 2021)

Denise Barry - 632 (3-year term July 1, 2018 - June 30, 2021)

Beth Hover - 583 (3-year term July 1, 2018 - June 30, 2021)

Graham Button (write in candidate) - 77 (1-year term May 16, 2018 - June 30 2019)

Cobleskill-Richmondville CSD

Voters have approved the 2018-19 budget for Cobleskill-Richmondville Central School District with 631 votes in favor (67.9%) and 299 opposed (32.1%).

The bus purchase proposition has also passed with 646 votes in favor and 284 opposed.

Aimee Yorke and Dominga Lent were elected to three-year terms on the C-RCS Board of Education

Also on the ballot:

The Community Library Budget was approved by voters with 663 votes in favor and 265 opposed.

East Greenbush Central School District

Budget passed, 1182-488

Bus purchase from reserve passed, 1307-363

Bus purchase from bond passed, 1235-425

Proposition to create a new bus reserve fund passed, 1250-409

Vote totals for candidates will be verified Wednesday, but there were four candidates for four seats (Jennifer Massey, John Dunn, Michele Skumurski and JoAnn Taylor ), and all are elected. The three candidates with the highest vote totals will be elected to three-year terms (July 1, 2018 – June 30, 2021) and the candidate with the fourth highest vote total will be elected to a term of May 16, 2018 – June 30, 2019.

Fonda-Fultonville Central School District

Residents of the Fonda-Fultonville Central School District voted by a margin of 264-37 to approve a $29.3 million spending plan for the 2018-19 school year on Tuesday, May 15. Voters also elected three board of education members.

Voters elected three candidates to serve three-year terms on the Board of Education — incumbents Michelle Isabella (252 votes) and Frederick Hidde (243 votes) and newcomer Domenic DiNatale (243 votes).

Fort Edward UFSD

Budget was defeated, by a vote of 102 yes to 154 no

Proposition 2, to allow board voting to be "at large," passes, 179-68

Incumbent Christopher Miles was elected to a 5-year seat with 217 votes

A second 5-year seat went to James Donahue, by write-in

A three-year seat has two write-in candidates in a tie: James Swanson and Daniel Boucher. District officials will contact the two candidates, and if necessary, hold a runoff.

A 48-day seat, filling the position of a board member who resigned, went to Jen Holden.

Fort Plain CSD

  • Budget Vote — pass 167-40
  • Library proposition — pass 134-72
  • Bus purchase proposition — pass 163-43
  • BOE Election (unopposed) Mary Beth Hudyncia (180) & Kim Keane (177)

Galway Central School District

  • BUDGET 261 yes 127 no Passed
  • BUS PURCHASE 273 yes 115 no Passed

Joan Slagle was re-elected to a four-year term of office on the Board of Education with 308 votes. (There was one vacancy and one candidate.)

Gloversville School District

  • 64.5 million budget
  • 2.14% tax-levy increase

Pass or Fail? Pass
# of yes votes: 261
# of no votes: 117
Percentage of approval: 69%

Greenville CSD

Budget approved, 586-249

Board Candidates (3 seats available; 7 BOE Candidates)
David G. Finch - Yes 266
Raymond Albin - Yes 323
Donald Savino - Yes 320
Patricia C. Macko - Yes 433
S. Jay Goodman - Yes 295
Audrey Matott - Yes 229
Tracy Young - Yes 441

Greenville Library
Yes 694
No 142

Rensselaerville Library
Yes 574
No 254

Guilderland Central School District

Residents approved a $100,925,515 budget for the 2018-19 school year by a vote of 1402 (yes) to 566 (no).

Voters also approved a $1,117,700 proposition to purchase eight large buses, one wheelchair-accessible bus, one transportation minivan, and one large track mower by a vote of 1411 (yes) and 548 (no) and elected four members to the Board of Education:

Seema Rivera (1423)
Christine Hayes (1394)
Sean Maguire (1378)
Benjamin Goes (1219)

Hudson City School District

Proposition 1, school budget, passed 308-187

Proposition 2, repair reserve. passed 328-152

Incumbents Willette Jones and Lucinda Segar were re-elected to the board, with 357 and 363 votes respectively. There were 34 write-in votes.

Johnstown School District

  • $35.7 million budget
  • 4.9 tax levy increase

Mayfield Central School District

  • $18.8 million budget
  • tax levy increase would be an estimated 2.57 percent
  • $248,000 to purchase two buses - a 66-passenger school bus and 36-passenger wheelchair. The state will reimburse 75 percent of the cost for the buses.
  • Board of Education candidate Vanessa DiNitto.

Yes: 209
No: 67

Purchase 2 buses:
Yes: 218
No: 59
Board Member: Vanessa DiNitto

Middleburgh Central School District

Middleburgh voters approved the proposed 2018-19 school budget May 15th by a margin of 307 to 197, or 61% of the vote. The bus proposition passed by a margin of 313 to 189, and received 62% of the vote. The Capital Reserve Fund proposition passed by a margin of 333 to 171, and received 66% of the vote.

Pamela Standhart and Becky S. Binder were both re-elected to three year terms on the Board of Education. There were two open seats and they were running unopposed.

Mohonasen Central School District

  • $53 million budget
  • 3.21% tax-levy increase

School Budget
Yes: 698
No: 368

Bus vote
Yes: 749
No: 320

Three elected to Board of Education:
Patrick Ryan: 773 votes (incumbent)
Pamela Young: 723 votes (incumbent)
Wade Abbott: 645 votes
Also running: Morgan Beach: 492 votes

New Lebanon CSD

Residents of the New Lebanon Central School District approved the $12,519,094 budget for the 2018-19 school year by a vote of 158 (yes) to 23 (no).

Residents also voted to fill two seats on the New Lebanon Board of Education. Michael Brutsch (154 votes) and William Buckenroth (158 votes) were elected to three-year terms.

Niskayuna Central School District

  • $84.2 million budget
  • 2.64% tax-levy increase

2018-19 School Budget - Passed
Yes – 1,186 votes (69%)
No – 525 votes (31%)

Bus Purchase Proposition – Passed
Yes – 1,256 votes (73%)
No – 454 votes (27%)

Board of Education Election – Two candidates for two seats – Grier and Schlossberg Elected
Noney Grier – 1,201 votes
Howard Schlossberg – 1,306 votes

North Colonie Central Schools

$111.1 million budget

Proposition 2: creation of Capital Reserve Fund.

re-purpose existing physical education space

Oppenheim-Ephratah Central School

Budget Passed-

Yes= 198

No =120

Bus Proposition passed

Yes = 200

No = 112

BOE Member Election Results

Neil Clark - 168 votes ( 1 year term)

Chad Barnes - 174 votes (3 year term)

Shellie Walrath - 188 votes (3 year term)

Jeremy Brundage - 172 votes (2 year term)

Queensbury Union Free School District

Voters passed a $63,309,837 budget proposal for the 2018-19 school year by a vote of 779 to 241. Under the approved budget, a 0.76 percent increase in spending will maintain the K-12 education program for Queensbury students next year.

By a vote of 814 to 205, voters passed a $488,740 proposition to purchase one 72-passenger school bus and three 42-passenger wheelchair buses. The new buses will replace four older buses and maintain a 10-year replacement cycle.

Voters also reelected the following incumbents to continue their service on the Queensbury Board of Education, with each filling a five-year seat:
• Amy Molloy (838 votes)
• Michael Shea, Ph.D. (845 votes)

Saratoga Springs City School District

$125.9 million budget passed, 2327-479

Proposition 2: School bus purchases passed, 2362-534

Proposition 3: Capital project passed, 2344-475

Proposition 4: Purchase of Greenfield Property passed, 2362-426

Board candidates received the following votes:
John Ellis, 1,800
JoAnne Kiernan, 1,719
Patricia Morrison, 1.432
Steve Grandin, 1.307

Schalmont Central School District

  • $48.6 million budget
  • 2.6% tax-levy increase
  • Proposition: Bus purchases

Voters have approved the $48,636,823 budget for the 2018-19 school year, with 517 votes in favor and 257 against.

The bus purchase proposition has also passed 502 to243.

The proposition to build a transportation facility on the middle/high school campus instead of repairing the old facility has passed, 466 to 308.

The proposition establish a capital reserve fund has passed, 536 to 239.

Angelo Santabarbara and Kate Kruk were elected to three-year terms on the Board of Education.

Schenectady City School District

$194.4 million budget

1% tax-levy decrease

The 2018-19 Budget passed 458-111. John Foley and Mark Snyder were re-elected to the Board of Education.

Schodack CSD

Budget - Approved
395 - Yes
158 - No

Bus Proposition (to purchase two buses) - Approved
409 - Yes
145 - No

Capital Reserve Fund Proposition
410 - Yes
140 - No

Board of Education Candidates (Three candidates re-elected to three 3-year seats)
Michael Tuttle - 435
Michael Charsky - 424
Michael Hiser - 423

Schoharie Central School District

Proposition #1 – School District Operating Budget for 2018-19 Budget $23,822,954
Yes: 251 No: 133

Proposition #2 – School Bus Purchases
Yes: 276 No: 108

Proposition #3 – Use of Capital Reserve Fund
Yes: 269 No: 114

School Board Candidates Elected for 3-Year Term
1. William Kuehnle
2. Maureen Bernhardt

Schuylerville Central School District

Residents passed a $35.5 million budget for the 2018-19 school year by a vote of 469 to 166.

Voters elected Robert Thivierge and Matthias Donnelly to the Board of Education. Thivierge had 423 votes and Donnelly had 344 votes. Both will fulfill a five-year term beginning on July 1, 2018. Louis Maggiore had 333 votes.

In the Schuylerville Public Library Board of Trustees election, voters elected Katie Brunson, Courtney Sayward and Dennis Kagel with 466, 364, and 354 votes respectively. They will each fulfill a three-year term ending in 2021.

Scotia-Glenville Central School District

Budget passed, 1480-493

Capital project passed, 1453-524

Bus purchase approved, 1485-487.

There were three candidates for two board seats. Hal Talbot and David Massaro were elected, with 1199 and 1,000 votes respectively. Gary Normington received 839 votes

Shenendehowa Central School District

  • $173.7 million budget
  • 2.92% tax-levy increase
  • Proposition: Bus purchases

Budget - $173.7 million budget for 2018-19 that includes a spending increase of 2.19 percent ($3,725,891). The true value tax rate would increase an estimated 1.24 percent.
Yes: 1,575
No: 543

Bus Proposition - The purchase of 23 vehicles at a cost not exceed $2,381,505 of which approximately 60 percent will be reimbursed through state transportation aid, resulting in a 0.199 percent tax rate increase over five years. This is approximately a three cent ($.034) increase per $1,000 of assessed value beginning in 2019-20. Retired buses will be sold at auction or reassigned to operation and maintenance.
Yes: 1,665
No: 455

Board of Education - Three seats on the Board of Education are up for election. Only two candidates (incumbents Christina Rajotte and Robert Pressly) submitted petitions with the required 64 signatures to run. Two seats carry a three-year term and the seat held by Bill Casey, who will resign on June 30, carries a two-year term. The third vacant position will be filled by a qualified individual with the most write-in votes.
Robert Pressly: 1,544
Christina Rajotte: 1,543
Write-in Votes: 983
The Board of Education write-in votes will be tallied and announced tomorrow.

South Colonie Central School

$102 million budget

2.95% tax-levy increase

Proposal: School Bus Replacement

South Colonie residents went to the polls on Tuesday, May 15, and approved a $102.19 million budget for the 2018-19 school year by a vote of 1,019-297, and a $1.07 million proposition to purchase 10 new school buses by a vote of 1,021-293. Elected to five-year terms on the Board of Education were newcomers Colleen Gizzi (1,008 votes) and Stephanie Cogan (1,003 votes).

South Glens Falls Central School District

$56.6 million budget

2.07 % spending decrease

3.2 % tax levy increase

Voters approved the budget, as well as a $563,625 proposition to purchase several buses, and a proposition to authorize the board of education to re-establish a Capital Reserve Fund.

Voters approved a measure to amend the term of office for one member of the South Glens Falls Central School District Board of Education, for one term only, from a three-year term to a two-year term, effective for the 2019-20 and 2020-21 school years only. This proposition was approved with 640 voting in favor and 77 voting against it. The board of education is seeking to make this change so that in future elections there will be an equal number of board members (three) elected each year.

Finally, two candidates were elected to the board of education. The candidates, who ran unopposed, are: John Farrell (558 votes) and Kevin Ostrander (588 votes).

Stillwater Central School District

Stillwater residents approved the district's 2018-19 proposed budget with 265 voting in favor and 118 voting against it.

$24.8 million budget

3.42% tax-levy increase

By a margin of 275 to 106, residents approved the Stillwater Public Library’s proposed budget of $269,479.

252 to 128, voters passed a proposition to establish a $750,000 capital reserve fund, which will allow for the future replacement of the turf field

Troy City School District

$111 million

1.57% tax-levy increase

Troy City School District residents have approved a $111,893,389 budget for the 2018-19 school year. Three candidates were elected to the Board of Education, including one incumbent.
The unofficial results of the budget vote are 480 (yes) to 139 (no). This budget will result in a 1.54-percent tax levy increase.

Three unopposed candidates were elected to the Board of Education for three-year terms effective July 1, 2018:
Elizabeth Poleto, Incumbent (469), Stephanie Fitch (470) and Matthew Flowers, Jr. (480).

Whitehall Central School District

Budget Proposition
Yes - 196
No - 35

Proposition 1 - Bus Proposition (65 Passenger Bus and Van) $140,000
Yes - 197
No - 33

Proposition 2 - Capital Reserve (Increase reserve maximum to 6 Million)
Yes - 196
No - 31

Board Of Education Election
3 year seat for expiring term of Frank Barber - July 1 - 194 -- Frank Barber
1 year seat for Jason Hoagland - (immediate start) - 185 -- Carrie Arquette
(Not Seated) Stiling Knight - 25

Wynantskill UFSD

Budget - Approved
119 - Yes
19 - No

Bus Proposition (to purchase two buses) - Approved
124 - Yes
12 - No

Capital Reserve Fund Proposition - Approved
120 - Yes
17 - No

Board of Education Candidates (Two candidates re-elected to two 3-year seats)
Darcy Mack - 121
Keith Hirokawa - 114

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