Rotterdam Police: Standoff after man accused of shooting neighbor with BB gun, vandalism


ROTTERDAM, NY (WRGB) Rotterdam Police say Brian Beloncik, 56, is in custody after barricading himself in his house and being forced out with tear gas. He was taken away in an ambulance just about an hour ago but this all began, police say, when his neighbor called police saying Beloncik spray painted the neighbor's trailer with profanities.

Police say they responded to the home on 4th Ave. around 8 o'clock Tuesday morning for the spray painted profanities - and they say shortly after, Beloncik actually shot his neighbor who called police with a BB gun, proceeding to lock himself in his own home with a sign on the door telling police not to enter or he would shoot. That neighbor is uninjured, but police spent the day attempting to get Beloncik out of his home, eventually firing tear gas. Beloncik and a woman who police say they don't believe lives with him came out of the home. Rotterdam police say they believed Belonick had firearms in the house, and they will go inside with a search warrant.

"You deal with neighbor disputes all the time but very rarely do you see it get to this level," Rotterdam Lt. William Male said. "He's certainly facing some criminal mischief charges, menacing, reckless endangerment..."

Lieutenant Male Says Beloncik is known to police - but wouldn't speak further on his criminal history.

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