FOUND: Rotterdam teen missing for over a week

    Rayne Morrison of Rotterdam has been missing for over a week.

    UPDATE: Police say Rayne Morrison was found safe early Friday morning in Schenectady.


    ROTTERDAM, N.Y. (WRGB) - It's been over a week since a young woman from Rotterdam went missing overnight. Now, her family is just hoping to hear from her.

    "Now we're worried."

    With tears in her eyes, Margaret Gray spoke with CBS6 on Thursday about the days that have passed since she woke up last Wednesday to find her daughter missing.

    "It's been a full week," Gray said. "Hell."

    Rayne Morrison, 19, just moved to Rotterdam with her mom and her stepdad in January. She was supposed to go to work at her new job at Burger King down the street from her house last week when her parents realized she left and never went there.

    "She didn't bring her IDs, no money, no debit card, no way to get money, anything," Gray said.

    Gray says Rayne didn't take her phone, either.

    "None of us have heard from her," she said.

    Rayne's mom says that's very unlike her, not to contact family, especially her grandparents in Texas. Gray thinks her daughter may have left to go there and be with them.

    "So, now we're at this panic phase that she got in the car with the wrong person or she hitchhiked to a truck spot," the mom said.

    "It's tough," Rotterdam Police Lt. William Male said. "Because she's 19, we don't have any authority to force her to come home."

    Male says they don't have any evidence to believe Rayne is in danger, but police are working to retrace her steps and looking into surveillance footage.

    "She's not in any trouble, we just want to make sure she's safe," Male said.

    Rotterdam police say this is the second true missing person case they've had so far this year. They have had 11 total reports, but those individuals were located shortly after.

    Police and Rayne's parents are just asking her to call someone.

    In the meantime, they're handing out flyers and keeping high hopes.

    If you have any information on this young woman's whereabouts, please call Rotterdam police at 518-630-0911.

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