RPI student suspended for alleged sexual assault returns to school


TROY, NY – A woman is furious after the man she says raped her at an off-campus RPI fraternity house was re-admitted to the school.

The student was suspended for the entire 2017-2018 year for the incident.

The victim, whose identity we’ve concealed, says the alleged sexual assault happened in September of 2016 at the Rensselaer Society of Engineers Fraternity. CBS 6 first spoke to the victim back in February.

“He ended up taking me up to his room, and we both took one shot - some consensual stuff happened, then he forced himself on me, forced himself inside me, and then raped me - afterwards I left crying and screaming at the fraternity house,” the woman told CBS 6 in February.

“It is horrifying in knowing you don’t have control over your body in that situation. It’s just absolutely terrifying,” she said.

The incident was reported to the school. The victim gave us a letter addressed to her from RPI.

It’s dated October of last year, after RPI conducted its own investigation. in it, LeNorman Strong, the Interim Vice President for Student Life, wrote investigators did determine a violation of the student sexual misconduct policy occurred.

According to the letter, the student agreed with the findings. The student was suspended for the entire 2017-2018 academic year. But the letter also indicated the student could be re-admitted.

And now he’s back.

“It just honestly felt like a huge stab in the gut. I was so shocked from it happening, but the other part is I was so shocked that I wasn’t informed in any way. I thought RPI was a little bit different because they did find him guilty. They did find a fault in their policy, they just knew, and they still knowingly let someone like that, someone who has a track record like that back on to campus,” the woman tells CBS 6.

We contacted RPI, asking for information about his return, and current status as a student. We were told they do not comment on individual cases.

The school provided us the same statement it gave us earlier this year, that “The fraternity you identified received the sexual misconduct prevention and bystander intervention training within this academic year.”

In the letter RPI sent the victim, it says if the alleged attacker returns to school, he’d be on probation and would be required to live-off campus again.

The victim is no longer a student at RPI.

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