RPI students protest over control of Student Union


TROY -- We are not allowed to be on the RPI campus but we did get a glimpse at what appeared to be hundreds of students protesting.

We spoke with a junior here as well as an alum who said much of the reason behind the demonstration - has to do with decades of student pride.

Protesters say they believe the administration is taking over the student-run union.

We spoke to the student who filed the application for today's protest - which was ultimately denied by the school - and he says they are focusing right now on filling the vacant director of the union role.

He says the job is historically given to a paid professional that reports to a students board.

But now, he says the job description has changed significantly from an advisory role into a more administrative role over students.

He also students are typically very involved in the interviewing and hiring process, but feels this time they've been kept out of the loop.

"RPI is one of the very few colleges left in the country that still has a student union that completely manages its own funds and activities by itself," said student Bryan Johns. "It's very much a way that students can learn about leadership and how to grow and how to manage."

Alumn Barbara Cobuzzi, class of 1977, said, "Many of my alum, we are not giving a dime to this school until you give back control to the students."

RPI's Vice President released a statement saying the administration has made no attempt to take control of the Rensselaer Student Union from student leadership.

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