Saratoga County Sheriff's Office investigating bomb threats


SARATOGA COUNTY, NY (WRGB) - The Saratoga County Sheriff's Office confirms they are investigating several bomb threats throughout the area.

The district says the principal at Gowana Middle School opened a spam email this afternoon that included a bomb threat.

The email says there is an explosive device in the building that is "small and hidden very well."

The email continues to offer a deal -- and demands $20,000 as "the cost for your safety."

The money is demanded to be paid in bitcoins.

The district says the principal called the school resource officer and began a shelter in place.

Once it was confirmed to be spam mail, the shelter in place was lifted.

School officials say other staff members throughout the district started reporting that they also received the spam mail.

The sheriff's office says at this time, no credible threats have been found.

They are encouraging the public to be vigilant and report anything suspicious.

Similar threats have been reported throughout the area. Rochester and Syracuse are also reporting similar threats.

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