Clifton Park man sentenced after pleading guilty to killing dog.


SARATOGA COUNTY, NY (WRGB) The Saratoga County DA's Office say that a Clifton Park man pleaded guilty to animal abuse charges under "Buster's Law"

28 year old Hank Smith admitted to killing a dog that belonged to a member of this girlfriend's family back on October 14, 2017.

In court, Smith admitted to killing the miniature Pinscher named Nicholas.

Court records show Smith admitted back on October 25, to disposing of the dog in a dumpster at the Fox Run apartments off Huntridge Road after he strangled it.

DA Karen Heggen said, "This was a terrible case of animal cruelty. The defendant killed this small dog in an especially depraved and sadistic manner. That is why we would not plea bargain this case."

On June 22, Smith was sentenced to 2 years in prison .

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