Saratoga family flies overseas for Thanksgiving to adopt a baby

Saratoga family flies overseas for Thanksgiving to adopt a baby

ALBANY INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT (WRGB) - The day before Thanksgiving, Albany International Airport was busy with travelers all heading out for the holidays and looking forward to visiting loved ones. For the Venditte family from Saratoga Springs, they were flying across the world to meet a new loved one! They’re adopting a baby from Seoul, South Korea.

Parents John and Tara, big brother Jackson, big sister Mia, and Grampy John were all excited to make the long trip Wednesday.

They’ve been waiting several months to meet baby Ben.

“He was born in August of 2017, so he's a little over 1, “John Venditte said. “He lives with his foster parents right now, and he seems really happy, and he loves his foster family, and we're excited to meet him.”

This is the first time the family will meet Ben in person. They’ll go to court to sign the official adoption paperwork and they’ll have a few meetings with Ben. Then they’ll go back in a few months to bring Ben home.

The family said taking the trip over the Thanksgiving holiday meant the kids and Grampy were able to go. “It's kinda exciting for everybody to go!” John said.

The family says it's extra special they're making this significant trip on Thanksgiving. And they say the adoption is like getting the ultimate gift and another reason to be thankful this year.

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