Saratoga Springs classroom exercise draws criticism

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    SARATOGA SPRINGS, N.Y. (WRGB) – There’s outrage among some parents and students at Saratoga Springs High School over a classroom exercise that asked students to rank themselves on factors like attractiveness, race, and orientation.

    A student sent CBS6 a picture of the assignment. There are different positive and negative point values are given under each topic.

    CBS6’s media partners at The Daily Gazette are reporting it was used in a marketing class earlier this month as a way to teach student about privilege.

    Some parents The Daily Gazette spoke with were concerned the assignment was reinforcing outdated ideas about certain religions and cultures.

    The parents were also concerned the assignment used offensive language and could hurt students' self-esteem. In a statement provided to The Daily Gazette, the district says the worksheet should have been adapted to exclude certain words.

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