Saratoga Springs residents digging out of first major snow of the season


SARATOGA SPRINGS, NY (WRGB) Saratoga Springs' DPW commissioner tells us he feels the city was very prepared for its first snow emergency.

"Our policy is if we have three or more inches of snow, we can declare a snow emergency," Commissioner Anthony Scirocco said.

Scirocco says the city didn't want to take any chances with the significant snowfall forecast.

"Even though it was the first storm, we

did a snow emergency because of the holidays, because we wanted to be able to clear the streets."

Crews plowed the city streets until noon Tuesday morning and will begin again early tomorrow morning.

"It's a big city, Saratoga Springs is 30 square miles, we probably have 130 miles of roadway to plow."

The city's snow emergency works so that cars can park on one side of the street for 12 hours while the other is cleared of snow.

This doesn't apply to Broadway or alternate side parking streets, but it is heavily enforced everywhere else.

"If not, they face the potential of a fine plus a towing charge which is not cheap," Scirocco said.

With city schools closed for their first snow day of the season, many enjoyed the first significant snowfall.

"For the first snow, you've got to get out, I do every year."

Stephen Lerario says he's new to the area. He took his family to congress park on Tuesday.

"The kids are out here today, I took a day off from work, and that's what we're doing today, we're enjoying mother nature at its finest," Lerario said.

The city's snow emergency will be lifted Wednesday morning at 9am - until then, the city encourages drivers to be aware of the guidelines and use driveways if they have them.

"You live in the Northeast," Scirocco said. "We're going to get a lot of snow, and we want you to move your car so we can keep the streets clean, safe, and passable."

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