Scam Alert: Criminals trying to trick via text message

Scam Alert: Criminals trying to trick via text message (WRGB)

TROY -- It only took one text message to send John Kennedy's family into a panic.

Masked as an urgent alert from Key Bank, the brief note said 'Your attention is needed.' and directed Kennedy to call a local ‘518’ number.

"When you call the number, which I did, it says immediately, 'Your debit card has been compromised. If you want to reactivate your card, press one.’ I press one, it immediately asks for your nine-digit social security number.

The folks at the Better Business Bureau tell CBS 6 it looks like this specific scam attack is making its rounds in our area again.

Last summer, Key Bank even acknowledged the problem.

"The best thing to do is take a step back,” said Melanie McGovern with the BBB of Upstate New York.

“Call the number on the back of your bank card. That you find on the bank's actual website. Don't call the number that comes through the text message, because that could lead to a scammer who's

trying to get your banking information,” she continued.

What do you do if you fall victim?

”Check your bank account. Let your bank know. Put a fraud alert on your credit report in case you gave them any information they could get into that,” McGovern added.

If you are affected, it's also a good idea to loop police in on what happened.

The BBB also asks you report any suspicious messages by using their scam tracker.

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