Scharfenberger meets with St. Clare's retirees


ALBANY, N.Y. (WRGB) – Thursday marked the beginnings of a conversation between the Albany Roman Catholic Diocese and the retirees of the former St. Clare's Hospital.

Pensions for those retirees have been reduced or eliminated. Bishop Edward Scharfenberger heard concerns in a closed door meeting.

Scharfenberger says there were about 100 people at Siena College for the discussions.

Scharfenberger sits on the Catholic Diocese Board of Trustees, and will bring the concerns of the people back to the board. He can’t say what will happen next. He didn't have many answers regarding where funding for the lost pensions can come from but he says he's looking at all resources, and willing to work with the state.

One mystery in all of this is how much money shy the pension fund actually is. CBS 6 asked Scharfenberger what is next. All he can say right now is there will probably be more of these meetings before February when more of these decisions about funding need to be made

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