Schenectady among areas plagued by potholes

    Schenectady among areas plagued by potholes

    SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (WRGB) - A viewer sent CBS 6 some pictures of some large potholes in a road through Central Park. We called the city, and in the meantime, watched some cars take a few good hits.

    Then we watched crews fill in those holes on Duck Pond Drive.

    We spoke with Schenectady Mayor Gary McCarthy about the pothole issue. He says if you see a problem pothole, you can call 518-382-5151 to report it. You can also go online, create an account and report them here.

    He says they have crews out everyday working to fill potholes. However, he says since they appear all at once, it takes the city a while to get to all of them.

    “We do try to do it in a priority manner so that the priority streets with higher traffic we address those first, as opposed to secondary streets,” said McCarthy.

    Crews are using cold patch, but the Mayor says they have to wait till spring to make permanent repairs.

    “It is a seasonal event, especially after we’ve had some very cold weather. When you get the warm weather, you will see potholes form. We try to be as aggressive in terms of filling in as we can,” said Mayor McCarthy.

    He says if people call them in, they’ll get them on a list and send crews out.

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