Schenectady hires outside engineering firm to assess mudslide land


SCHENECTADY, NY (WRGB) Chris Lyon says he's slept at three different homeless shelters since this mudslide forced him out of his apartment. He says that event also made him drop out of school.

"You're sitting on a street corner while soaking up hours of the days when the good people of the world are going to business," Lyon said.

Lyon says he was allowed inside his apartment once for a few minutes on Friday. For the time being, he's still wondering what will happen to the building.

While the city clears all the debris from that hill, they’ve also hired an outside engineering firm to assess the land.

Fire Chief Raymond Senecal says that firm is called GPI and is based in Albany. He says the city hired them because they wanted someone that specializes in embankments.

"Our Engineers are involved, but we wanted to make sure that the job was done correctly," Senecal says.

so far several buildings have been demolished. But officials aren't making any decisions about other demolitions until engineers give that embankment a grade.

"It still could slide so until we get that stabilized we won’t be able to do any work to the structures until we get it safe," Senecal says.

The cause of the mudslide is still under investigation. Mayor Gary McCarthy’s state of emergency will remain in effect for the time being.

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