Schenectady man pleads for the return of his father's ashes


SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (WRGB) - The search is on for stolen ashes of a Schenectady man’s father.

Surveillance video shows someone taking a black box that contains a small urn out of a book bag. It was all in the front seat of an unlocked truck.

The bag was found not far away on Lexington Avenue, as well as some of the other contents. However, Michael Cranker says he just wants his dad’s ashes back. He showed CBS 6 a picture he took of it at a casino in Niagara Falls.

“I sent that picture to my mother and said, ‘Me and dad just won!’ You know, I bring him everywhere," Cranker said.

Cranker says his dad died two years ago of lung cancer, and he and his siblings each got an urn.

“I always have them with me. He was an electrician. I’m an electrician. And I just feel like when he’s with me nothing bad is going to happen. And now he’s not,” said Cranker.

Schenectady police say they’re looking into the report he filed with the department early Monday morning.

Cranker says surveillance video from his house, shows someone taking the urn and his bookbag, after trying to get into another car in his driveway.

The stolen bag was found on the corner, items strewn about.

“I walked up that way, about seven blocks and I keep finding stuff, more stuff that he threw, but not the urn," Cranker said.

He says the person also took some winning scratch-offs, change, an old phone and cheap pocket watch. But he says he really wants his dad’s ashes back.

“My hope is that somebody will see this, they’ll see the picture of it, and say that guy looks familiar. He tried to sell me that or something," Cranker said.

Cranker says the bag was taken just after 1:00 am Monday. He says he found it around 5:30 that same morning. Police confirmed he called them around them to file a report.

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