Schenectady mayor delivers State of the City address


SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (WRGB) - The lights atop the city hall clock tower were green on Monday for a reason.

"To reflect the operating surplus that financier Ferrari has told me to anticipate when we close the books on 2018," said Schenectady Mayor Gary McCarthy.

That was just the opening act of McCarthy's State of the City address. One of the biggest projects that came to fruition last year was Mohawk Harbor. McCarthy says adding sports betting to the nearby Rivers Casino could create an entire new revenue stream in that part of town.

"It's going to bring additional traffic, and it makes a more comprehensive entertainment package available to people who are coming there," he said.

Then there's the new train station, which just opened in October. McCarthy says that was overdue, and he says it should encourage downstate tourists to visit the Electric City.

"Now, it's part of a renaissance that happened in the community," McCarthy said. "We're seeing people who will take a train up from New York City and stay overnight in Schenectady."

As far as jobs go, one of the city's biggest employers, General Electric, slashed 200 union jobs last year. McCarthy says the city can recover.

"Some of the alternative energy, wind and solar, has also been headquartered here in Schenectady," he said. "While they're going through some internal challenges, I believe their future is still bright."

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