Schenectady Police: Skimming devices located at Erie Blvd gas station

Gas pumps. FILE PHOTO

SCHENECTADY, NY (WRGB) Police in Schenectady are investigating after a report of skimming devices found on gas pumps at an Erie Blvd gas station.

Police say the two devices were discovered on Wednesday March 7, 2018 by employees at the Sunoco located at 127 Erie Blvd.

The two pumps that the skimming devices were located in were pump #1 and pump #3, according to police. Both devices were removed and are currently in possession of the United States Secret Service for analysis say investigators.

Police say because the skimmers were found inside the pump, it is uncertain when the devices were installed.

Police ask that anyone who may have used those pumps prior to March 7th contact their credit card company and remain vigilant in monitoring their statements. If anyone discovers fraudulent activity on their card, after having used either of those two gas pumps, they are urged to file a police report, say police.

Schenectady Police Department is requesting that all local gas stations visually inspect both the inside and outside of their gas pumps.

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