Schenectady residents fed up with neighborhood mischief


SCHENECTADY, N.Y. (WRGB) - “They feel like this is a playground."

Emit Chetram has lived on Parkwood Blvd. - the front of East Alley - for 12 years.

"It's not only a playground for playing, it seems like it's a playground for violence,” Chetram said.

He says the alley is overrun with teens before and after school.

"They vandalize our cars. They set fire on our fences. They kick our garage doors down," Chretram said.

He says they even tried to beat him up when he was trying to leave one day for work with his pregnant wife in the car.

"We had a kid who took a piece of wood, hit the glass of my truck trying to break the glass. He could have disfigured my wife," Chetram said.

Neighbors claim they've had things stolen like tools and Christmas lights.

"I know this is a good neighborhood, but during the day it's not as good as people think," one resident said.

One seven-year resident wants to shine light on the issue.

"The kids are in the middle of the street and they won't let us get by. One time I almost got punched because I asked a person could you please move," he told CBS6.

Residents says they've called cops multiple times, but the teens are gone by the time cops arrive.

"We have beefed up patrols in the area over the past few weeks and while school has been in session," said Schenectady Police Sgt. Jeffrey McCutcheon.

McCutcheon says East Alley is a challenging spot to patrol.

"We also work with our crime analysts and they feed us data on what types of crime are occurring there and at what time of day so we can effectively utilize our resources to tackle the issues,” McCutcheon said.

McCutcheon says there have been a few arrests there for criminal mischief and trespassing. Nt residents want to see a real change.

"My hope is they can privatize the alley to the people who live here,” Chetram said.

Residents believe these are Schenectady High School students, who use the alley to get to and from school. We reached out to the Schenectady City School District multiple times but did not hear back.

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