Search continues, two years later, for missing hunter


Two years ago, a then 82-year-old man disappeared while hunting in northeastern Warren County.

Despite a massive search effort with various organizations, Thomas Messing, Senior of Troy was never found.

The Department of Environmental Conservation leads the continuing search.

It was in the woods of Horicon, November 15, 2015, when Messick disappeared.

He was deer hunting with friends and family.

On this two year anniversary, his wife Beverly Messick told CBS 6 on the phone "He was a wonderful man," and that "I know in my heart he is with God and one day I will see him again."

DEC Forest Ranger Lt. Brian Dubay, a supervisor in charge of the search said on this day, he thinks about that question of where Messing is.

However he says he really believes they will close the case eventually.

The DEC says for two months after his disappearance,Forest Rangers and others spent more than ten-thousand searcher hours seeking him to no avail.

The search remains in limited continuous status- which means they periodically go out as exercises or training.

"When we actually get together to do those trainings we actually put them on the same ground what we consider to be some high probability areas for these people that remain missing," said Lt. Dubay.

Two years ago, the plan was reportedly for Messick to stay at post while others left to push deer toward Messick and another hunter.

When they all returned- Messick wasn't there.

The DEC asks hunters and others in the woods to always be mindful, as well as to report any possible signs of Mr. Messick or his belongings.

The DEC reminds hunters to keep an eye out and be cautious. They also want you to report any findings to the DEC at 518-897-1300 or Ray Brook State Police at 518-897-2000.

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