Delaware County Sheriff's Office: body of missing 77 year old hunter has been located

The truck of a missing 77-year-old man from Schoharie County has been located in Delaware County. Carl D. Weaver of Hyndsville in the Town of Seward told friends he was going hunting Sunday. A search is currently underway for Weaver. (WRGB)

UPDATE: The Delaware County Sheriff's Office say that the body of Carl Weaver was located.

Investigators with the sheriff's office say more information is expected to be released.


COBLESKILL, NY (WRGB) Teams are expected to resume search efforts for a missing 77-year-old Schoharie County man Thursday morning in Delaware County, where his truck was found around noon Wednesday.

Schoharie County Sheriff Tony Desmond says Carl Weaver, who lives on Hyndsville in the town of Seward, told people Saturday he was going hunting.

Weaver's truck was found Wednesday, plowed in, on South Worcester Hill Road in Jefferson. It's a location Sheriff Desmond says he was known to hunt.

Forest Rangers, State Police and Otsego and Delaware County deputies have been searching since a neighbor reported Weaver missing Tuesday.

"When somebody is missing and they are hunting, there is always a possibility they are lost, or fell and got injured and can't get out. This weather adds to the problem," said Desmond.

Sheriff Desmond says It was at the McDonald's in Cobleskill, where Weaver told friends this weekend he was going Hunting. CBS 6 spoke with one.

"He said he was going to go hunting Sunday morning," said Bobby Grass.

Bobby Grass says he spoke with 77-year-old Weaver about 2 to 3 times a week.

"He likes to hunt somewheres up around Worcester."

South Worcester Hill Road in Jefferson is where his truck was found. Sheriff Desmond said deputies and Forest Rangers had also been out searching Bear Swamp State Park Otsego County where Weaver was also known to hunt.

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