Selkirk man picked up winning $5 million scratch-off ticket while buying frozen pizza

Selkirk man picked up winning $5 million scratch-off ticket while buying frozen pizza

SELKIRK, NY (WRGB) - A 29-year-old man from Selkirk is a multi-millionaire tonight because of a winning scratch off ticket!

Jeremy Stark won 5 million dollars. He picked up the lottery ticket at a Shop-n-Save in Ravena.

Tonight he explains how he came to win, and more importantly what he'll do with all that money!

“Congratulations Jeremy on your 5 million dollars win!”

New York Lottery spokeswoman Yolanda Vega and the Shop n' Save store manager presented Jeremy with his big check this afternoon.

Vega: Jeremy I understand you were here in the store to grab something special the day that you won?

Jeremy: Yes, a frozen pizza. My daughter had a concert that night and wanted pizza for dinner.

Jeremy says he ended up buying the winning Bankroll Jackpot scratcher on a fluke.

“The one I wanted was actually sold out so I bought this one, and a ten dollar ticket,” Stark said.

He didn’t realize he won until the next day, and it took him a minute to realize just how much.

“I figured it would be 20 dollars to get my money back, but it ended up being 5 million.”

Vega: What are you plans for all that money?

Stark: I’m going to buy a house

Jeremy's father Brian Stark, was the first to get the call.

“I’m very happy for him, couldn’t happen to a better person.”

He was here today to see his son take home the prize.

“Don’t forget your father! Just kidding, I wish him all the luck in the world,” he said.

Even strangers, stopped to share in Jeremy's excitement.

“It’s like its Upstate New York, and this little town in Ravena we won!”

After taxes Jeremy will get 3 million 359 dollars in his bank account for the lump sum.

He tells us he will not quit his insurance job, and plans to take go on a cruise and make a trip to California in addition to buying that house for his family.

We should mention, Jeremy got the very last 5 million dollar Bankroll Jackpot ticket. The lottery retired the game after Jeremy won, but will be handing out lower tier prizes until January 4th next year.

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