Sheriff's Office: man dies after falling through ice in Warren county.


BOLTON, NY – Officials are urging caution after two men and a dog fell through the ice at Edgecomb Pond in Warren County. The accident claimed the life one of the men, Jeffrey Selleck.

New York State Police say Selleck and Michael Rozell fell through the ice just before 3:30PM Saturday. Investigator James D. West says a third man who did not fall through was able to get a cell signal from the remote area.

"The cell service is really spotty so it was a miracle that he was able to get a 9-11 call out."

West says multiple agencies responded to the pond to conduct the rescue operation

“One individual was rescued by Bolton Police and EMS, and the victim Jeffrey Selleck was recovered approximately an hour and a half later”, West told CBS 6.

West says first responders were able to rescue the dog as well... they tried to revive Selleck for nearly an hour, but he was eventually pronounced dead at the scene. Officials say people need to practice caution, as sometimes it’s difficult to tell if ice is thick enough to be safe.

"This time of year you certainly have to be careful, because you don't know where the spring holes are or the currents."

The New York State Police say their investigation is ongoing.

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