Capital Region man accused of impregnating child speaks out

Courtesy: WRGB

NISKAYUNA, N.Y. (WRGB) - Sitting in a classroom inside Schenectady County Jail, inmate Robert Cronin says an 11 year old child gave birth to his baby.

"When I found out, everything around me just collapsed because I knew what this would lead to," Cronin said.

Niskayuna Police say the department was notified through a mandatory child abuse hotline.

Cronin is charged with predatory sexual assault on a child less than 13 years old.

But he claims he never physically abused the child.

"I don't want to be known for a crime I didn't commit," he said.

Cronin is 33 years old.

Police say he has no prior criminal history.

He says he lives in Niskayuna with his fiancé and their 5 children.

Police say the victim is known to Cronin.

Child psychologist Dr. Rudy Nydegger says that makes the violation twofold.

"It's not only the trauma of the sexual abuse, but it's now a betrayal of the worst form," Nydegger said.

CBS6 asked Dr. Nydegger about the child victim now becoming a parent.

"It's an impossible role shift for an 11 year old. Impossible in the sense that biologically she's a mother, and she's not even ready to be an adult," Nydegger said.

He does say that with help, many child abuse victims can heal and live normal lives.

"But it doesn't make it go away. This will never go away. She will always have this behind her."

Police say the victim and the baby are now in the care of Child Protective Services.

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