Filming for Marvel series continues in Albany


ALBANY, N.Y. (WRGB) - There was action in Downtown Albany as crews captured scenes for the upcoming season 2 of Marvel’s “The Punisher.”

Just before 6:30 p.m, an ambulance was dropped from the Clinton Avenue ramp using a crane. It appears to be part of a sequence shot earlier in the day, as police chase an ambulance.

Police crash into the side of it a few times trying to get it to stop.

The scene was re-shot a few times as crews got different angles on the Clinton Avenue ramp in downtown Albany.

“I like seeing all this done, it’s really cool,” said bystander 13-year-old Madelyn Brown.

“The ambulance started driving and there was a police car next to it and they had a couple other cars set up driving too. And then they had these gun shots going off,” described Brown.

She says she wasn’t a fan of The Punisher before, but that she will look for it when it comes out on Netflix. That’s where she will get to know character Frank Castle, a vigilante who is The Punisher.

Jason Moore, who grew up in Albany, is a star. He plays Curtis Hoyle.

Not seen in action in Albany yet, ready to roll on the scene is News WJBP. It’s the news network used in the Marvel Universe.

Crew hands are set up along Water Street, one of the road closures in the downtown Albany area.

Work is expected to continue through Saturday.

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