Siena Poll: How is NY spending this holiday and how many believe in Santa?

LOUDONVILLE, NY – (WRGB) Are some of you big spenders this holiday season?

A new Siena Poll says that 19% of New Yorker's plan to spend $1,000 or more this holiday season, while over half of New Yorkers are planning to keep their spending below $500.

Other items of note this holiday season.

  • 40% are shopping online for at least half of their gifts, where only 7% planned to do so back in 2008.
  • 1/3 of all NY'ers say that fruitcake is delicious, 44% say it's awful and would never eat it.
  • 49% prefer "Merry Christmas" over 41% preferring "Happy Holidays"
  • 31% of NY'ers believe in Santa.
  • 72% will put up a tree, however of that percentage, 69% have a fake tree.
  • 47% of those polled will use a star while 32% prefer an angel.

“Two-thirds are excited about the holiday and one in ten say that they never stop holiday shopping and another 12 percent started right after Halloween. Still half of New Yorkers say that their finances are about the same as a year ago and nearly a quarter tell us that their financial condition has worsened since last holiday season. It’s not surprising that many hope to keep holiday spending about the same. But with 15 percent planning to up the budget and 19 percent earmarking at least $1000, make room for plenty of presents under the tree,” according to SCRI Director, Don Levy.

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